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‘Womaania’ exclusively for Telugu ladies in US at New Jersey

An exclusive evening for Telugu ladies in US will be held on October 3 in New Jersey. This is being organised for the sixth year to motivate women towards empowerment and to share their views.

More than 1000 telugu women will be participating in the show. This Womaania is coming to make women, who are usually busy, spare some time for themselves and to enjoy. ” If a women is happy at home everyone in the home will be kept happy by her” is the idea behind organizing this.

The guests at the event include telugu actresses Hamsa Nandini, Sana Sanoor, Delhi Rajeswari, singers Sai Silpa, Nitya Bhayya,Adarshini, Broadway Shows fame NY Pragathi Yaddadi, anchor Racha Ramulamma and Miss Teen America Shreya Durba.
For online reservations : visit : www.vedikacreations.com/womaania. There are many wonderful shows,performances, songs games etc.


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