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US Pulling Out Of Climate Pact


US President Donald Trump said he was nearing an announcement on whether to pull our of a global pact to fight climate change, while a source close to the matter said Trump was preparing for a US withdrawal.

According to a report, environment protection agency administrator Scott Pruitt and his team were working on the withdrawal details. Trump, a global warming sceptic, has been critical of the accord saying it would be harmful for America’s manufacturing and that other nations such as India, China and Russia were not doing enough for mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions.

The Pruitt team is deciding on whether to initiate a full, formal withdrawal — which could take three years — or exit the underlying United Nations climate change treaty, which would be faster but more extreme, Axis reported.

A day earlier, Trump on return from his maiden overseas trip met with Pruitt. “One of the topics that they discussed, of course, was the President’s upcoming decision on the Paris Climate Accords,” White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said.

This is the subject that the President is spending a great deal of time on, and one that he spoke to the G7 members about during their meetings, he said.


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