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Tony Blair Is Back In Politics to fight Brexit

Former British prime minister Tony Blair is returning to politics to fight Brexit during the 8 June general election and is ready to get his “hands dirty”.

The 63-year-old former Labour party leader, however, made it clear that he will not be contesting the 8 June general election, according to Daily Mirror newspaper. He said he wants to have an influence on the negotiations of Britain’s exit from the 28-member European Union.

“This Brexit thing has given me a direct motivation to get more involved in the politics. You need to get your hands dirty and I will,” he said. However, those worried the original Blairite will grab control of the Labour party need not worry – for now.

He told the tabloid that he has no current plans to return to frontline politics or become an MP, but it appears he could be laying the groundwork for a new political party or movement.

Nigel Farage, for example, has never been elected as an MP but lead the Brexit movement with Ukip. “It is not frontline politics in the sense I am not standing for parliament,” Mr Blair explained. “I am not sure I can turn something into a political movement but I think there is a body of ideas out there people would support.”


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