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Somireddy shocked with Chandrababu’s suspecion!

Senior TDP leader and MLC Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy said to be shocked more than YSRCP MLA Kakani Govardhan Reddy accusing him of having `illegal’ properties outside the country, when Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu asked him with a suspicion are those allegations are true? Since some time Kakani making allegations stating that Somireddy is having over Rs 1,000 crore worth benami properties in other countries.

Seeking some `moral support’ from his leader, the former minister met the Chief Minister to discuss those allegations. He was shocked when Naidu asked him without supporting him from opposition MLA’s accusation, “are you really having properties outside the country?” This made him to give explanation stating all those allegations were fake. With his close associates, Somireddy said to be expressed his deep grouse against Naidu in this regard.

During 10 years of TDP stint in opposition, Somireddy has emerged as a loud voice of the party. He used to attack Jaganmohan Reddy bitterly. Present minister P Narayana might have helped Chief Minister financially, but never come to his rescue politically. Now Chandrababu made him minister only due to `financial assistance’, but not giving `moral support’ to Somireddy with regard to opposition MLA’s allegations. This issue has become a big talking point within the party circles.

Even though Somireddy accusing all documents shown by Kakani are forgery, the government not intending to probe into his allegations, but preferring to bring out old adulterated arrack case into focus. TDP insiders felt that Chief Minister’s attitude only helping YSRCP MLAs to gain political sympathy. Somireddy supporters seems to be discontent with Chandrababu’s attitude and TDP circles are suspecting that Minister Narayana was behind this plot of ignoring forged documents and reviving old cases.


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