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Shah Rukh Khan offers job to his fan

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who is gearing up for the release of his movie “Fan”, has offered a job to one of his real life fans for creating his own version of the film’s trailer. Trailer of SRK’S upcoming film Fan was released yesterday and film has been receiving positive response on social media sites.

It’s known that SRK Is playing roles of himself and a fan in the film. Recently SRK came across a post on Twitter, in which one of his fans has re-created the trailer with himself playing the role of a Fan. The fan-made trailer was shared on Twitter by one Shivam Jemini, who posted it on Sunday.

“Giving all my love to my inspiration on my birthday. A ‘Fan’ trailer by a fan. Hope you see it, Shah Rukh Khan,” Jemini wrote along with a link to his version of the trailer on YouTube.

“I have worked on it for more than 60 hours (Because the reason behind learning VFX is also ‘you’, Red Chillies VFX) so that you’ll see this and wish me ‘Happy Birthday’. Hope you’ll see it and like it,” He added


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