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Satish Chandra in the race of AP Chief Secretary?

Government sources are indicating that Satish Chadnra, who is holding charge of Chief Minister’s Office in Andhra Pradesh is in the race for Chief Secretary of the state. He is said to be clearing his line by strategically bypassing all senior officials. He has been making moves to become Chief Secretary soon after present Chief Secretary S P Thakkar, who is already on extension completes his term.
Already senior most officer A K Farida was kept aside due to row over bauxite lease issue. Even next senior Dinesh Kumar is also unlikely to get favour. Though initially it was speculated that Satish Chandra was lobbying for Dinesh Kumar, due to his straight forwardness, he was also said to be kept away. Chandrababu Naidu team feared making him as CS would attract problem to them.

It was widely circulated that next senior officer Punetha would become Chief Secretary. However, due to his ill-health and showing some allegations against him as a plea, he was also said to be kept aside.The chances of next senior Ajay Kallam were doubted in view of short period of his service. Satish Chandra is said to be highlighting some or other `disadvantage’ with all senior officials and successfully keeping them out of the grace of the Chief Minister.

Though L V Subramanyam is also in the seniority list, somehow Chandrababu Naidu is said to be not interested on him. Even he was not given proper posting also.
Presently, Satish Chandra is Special Chief Secretary and having close association with Chandrababu Naidu since a long time. Even during latter’s stint as Chief Minister also, he had worked in his peshi.

At the time of Chandrababu returns to power, Satish Chandra was working in Delhi. Even Naidu made attempts to get a posting for him in Prime Minister’s office. However, Narendra Modi’s government refused him showing some pending case against as a plea. Then his deputation to the Centre was abruptly cancelled to join in Naidu’s peshi here. Now he is attempting to become Chief Secretary even that case is still pending against him at the Centre. It has to be seen how far his attempts would be succeeds.


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