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Sabita flays Modi’s illogical demonetization

Former minister and Congress leader Sabita Indira Reddy lamented Narendra Modi Government accusing it of imposing an illogical decision of note ban despite opposition by majority of population. Speaking at the party’s protests programme against demonetization at the Ranga Reddy district Collecctorate at Lakdi-ka-Pul, she said that Prime Minister said that he note ban would wipe out black money and corruption from the country.

She said that the PM had sought 50 days time to set things in order, but even after nearly two months the situation is still the same, the people are facing severe cash crunch now also. The Congress leader deplored that Centre failed to tell the country as to what it has achieved in 50 days of note ban. The government did not disclose as to how much money was deposited in the banks and as to how much black money was unearthed or as to how many black money hoarders were caught due to demonetization, Sabita Reddy remarked.

Theformer minister expressed concern that the Prime Minister’s move has claimed 150 lives and snatched livelihood of lakhs of people across the country. She said that numerous small scale industries were shut due to note ban leaving many jobless. She demanded the Centre to make public as to what it achieved due to note ban and also how note ban left its impact on job loss and rural economy.


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