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Roja says justice has prevailed

Buoyed by the interim order of High Court quashing the suspension of MLA RK Roja from the Andhra Pradesh Assembly for one year, YSR Congress has said that its resolve to fight against the injustice is strengthened further and it is a slap in the face of TDP.

Party leaders RK Roja, U Kalpana and G Eeshwari asserted that they believe in the legal system and treasury benches trying to gag the voice of opposition has boomeranged. `The interim order has strengthened our resolve further to fight the injustice of the TDP at all forums,’ they added.

“The court has given interim orders which allow me to take part in the assembly proceedings and after I receive the copy I will attend the session and voice the people’s issues as an elected representative”, Roja said adding that justice has prevailed.

She accused that the High Court decision is slap in the face of treasury benches which were bent on gagging the voice of a woman who has been rising issues of public importance. Stating that TDP now contending that the suspension was not under rule 304 but under 194(3) is on hind thought, party MLAs warns such tactics would not work.

‘It is sad that a woman member has been treated in such a shoddy manner and she was subjected to trauma by using such false and flimsy methods,’ they said adding that she will come back doubled vigour and fight against the injustice.


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