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`Poor’ Chandrababu drives directly first floor in new house

chandrababu naidu

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu consider himself a `poor’. His `poverty’ reflects in his recently constructed house in Hyderabad, where he can drive directly with his car to the first floor of his house. Hardly few houses in Hyderabad are having such facility.

In the new house constructed in Jubli Hills, it was said that arrangements were made so that Chandrababu and his wife Bhuvaneswari cars can directly reaches first floor.

On many occasion, Chandrababu Naidu narrated his `poverty’ stating that he has no watch to his hand and a rupee not in his pocket. But his house is having rare luxury facilities.

A special meeting hall was also constructed in this house to have meetings with national leaders and prominent industrialists. All the facilities on par with Star hotels were provided in the new house.

Presently, he is residing on the bank of River Krishna in a spacious and rich bungalow. He had transformed this luxurious bungalow into super rich before occupying the same.

He normally travels by special flights or helicopters. But remains as a `poor’. If an `ordinary’ and `poor’ Chandrababu is having such rich life style, how really rich people lives?                        


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