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Modi asked if he is outsider, who is Sonia ?

In a sharp counter- attack on Nitish Kumar over his “outsider” jibe at him, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today asked him whether he would call Congress chief Sonia Gandhi also a ‘bahri’, asserting that he was not a PM of another country. Taking on his rivals in RJD chief Lalu Prasad’s home turf of Gopalganj, he wondered if Kumar wanted the return of old days of ‘jungle raj’ when the region had turned into a ‘mini Chambal’, in a riposte to Kumar’s barb that he (PM) should return to the country its ‘old’ days if he cannot deliver the promised ‘achhe din’ (good days).

“Nitish babu says I am a bahri (outsider). I will ask (him) how I can be a bahri in Bihar which is a strong organ of India and whose people had voted to make me Prime Minister. Am I Pakistan’s Prime Minister? Am I Bangladesh’ or Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister? “I will ask him if he also calls Madam Sonia, who lives in Delhi a bahri? Is she a bahri or Bihari? Those who cannot give an account of their work play these games to mislead them,” Modi said.


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