Home Cinema How may worked for Bahubali ?

How may worked for Bahubali ?

Literally one lakh have said to be worked for this film. Not one or two, but continuously five years…613 days of shooting. Thus it has established several records.
Already Bahubali first part remained as a block buster. Second part is ready for world-wide release on April 28. Already director Rajamouli sent back Hero Prabhas to home. The shooting was completed. Only post-production works remained.

The entire team that worked for this film now seen happily. At the time they are also feel sorry for departure. Unit members completed last-day shooting happily. They mentioned issues related to the film on their T shirts. It mentions “It is a wonderful experience…5 years, 613 days shooting, 2 black bustors, and one lakh unit members. I am too”.


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