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Mamata asks can Modi resigns after 50 days

Launching severe attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Benerjee today asked would he resign if things don’t improve 50 days after demonetisation, which closes in three days. It may be recalled that Modi asking the people to bare pains of demonetisation, asked them to punish him if he was found something wrong.

Addressing the media after the opposition parties’ anti-demonetization meet, she accused that demonetization is a mega scam. In the name of ‘achhe din’, she lamented that Modi government has looted farmers, poor people. Stating that demonetization has sent the country 20 years back in time, she added, “If things remain unresolved even after 50 days, will PM Modi take responsibility to resign as PM of the country.”

She deplored that the government do not care about anything and do whatever they feel like, federal structure totally destroyed. It is not emergency, it is super emergency, she added.

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi said that the Prime Minister should come out with the ‘real’ reason for demonetization, and answer who is responsible for sufferings of poor people. She wondered that Modi says he is fighting corruption but not answering allegations of personal corruption against him.

Anti-demonetization meeting, an attempt to unite all opposition parties against demonetization suffered a severe jolt with the Left, Janata Dal United and the Nationalist Congress Party did not attend.


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