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ISRO set to launchheaviest rocket GSLV Mk III

Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) heaviest rocket yet the GSLV Mk III is all set launched onJune 5. ISRO has worked for more than 15 years on technologies that are used in the GSLV Mk III including the cryogenic engines.

The rocket will be able to put a four tonne satellite into geostationary orbit, payloads up to eight tonnes can be put in low earth orbit. The rocket is weighing more than 200 elephants – so if you notice this factoid turning up in every media report today you know where they got it from.

According to ISRO Chairman Kiran Kumar GSLV Mk III could in principle be used for manned mission. It is ISRO’s ‘fat boy’ as it is the country’s heaviest (weighing 640 tonnes) but smallest rocket (43 metre), will have a new and advanced indigenous cryogenic engine to lift it off to the geostationary orbit. ISRO chief said that after over 200 tests have been done on different components of this heavy-lift rocket,they are targeting to launch this new vehicle on June 5.

For the first time, the new cryogenic engine, which uses liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen as propellants, is being tested on a fully functional rocket and it has taken Isro scientists over 15 years to master the technology of this engine.


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