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Direct benefit transfer results in Rs 50,000 cr savings

BJP President Amit Shah has said the direct benefit transfer, DBT, programme has resulted in 50,000 crore rupees savings for the government in the last three years as funds were directly transferred to 32 crore needy people.

He further said that the Aadhaar-linked DBT scheme, has helped in plugging leakages, removing middlemen and eliminating ghost beneficiaries. Shah said as many as 32 crore people received funds in form of subsidies directly into their bank accounts resulting in savings of nearly 50,000 crore rupees to the exchequer over the
last three years.

Citing various achievements of the Narendra Modi-led government, Shah said, both direct and indirect taxes have witnessed a growth rate of 20 per cent, which is unprecedented in the history of independent India. He said India is the fastest growing nation in the world and inflation is by and large under control.

Amit Shah listed out the government’s high points during 2016-17 like highest urea production, largest gas connection distribution, record coal and power production, highest national highway and rural road construction, vehicle manufacturing, biggest ever software export and highest ever forex reserve.

Shah said, nearly 13,500 dark villages were electrified out of a target of 18,456. Power generation has increased by 30 per cent. He said the government has reduced electricity consumption by installing 23 crore LED lamps.


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