Home Andhra Pradesh CPI says Chadnrababu creating rifts among Kapus, BCs

CPI says Chadnrababu creating rifts among Kapus, BCs

The Andhra Pradesh unit of CPI deplores that Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu had been creating rifts among people by raising caste issues in the state. State Secretary K Rama Krishna expressed concern over the government attempts to provoke rifts among Kapus and BCs.Addressing a round table meeting with writers and artistes on the issue of social justice, Ramakrishna accused that Chief Minister was creating social separation between Kapus and BCs by making unfulfilled promises.

Recalling that the Chief Minister’s promised BC reservation to Kapus in the last election, but the government failed to take measures towards accomplish the promise, he wondered that on other hand BCs were being provoked on the issue which resulting social separation between the both sections. He warned that Naidu would be responsible for the rift between Kapus and BCs.

Ramakrishna accused the State government of depriving education for SC, ST, BC and minorities by promoting pro-corporate policies. He decried the orders of the government on scrapping Telugu medium in schools. “The government has been closing social welfare hostels and schools in villages, where oppressed sections go for education. It is now scrapping Telugu medium in government schools as part of corporatisation of education” he alleged.


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