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Coastguard Dornier aircraft missing with three crew members

A Coastguard Dornier aircraft with three crew members on board is missing since last night off the coast of Chennai. Coast Guard officials said the aircraft left Chennai last evening with three crew members and is said to be missing since last night. Tiruchirapalli airport authorities said that the aircraft was last sighted in the radar of Tiruchirapalli airport at 09.23 PM last night . The aircraft is missing from 95 nautical miles south of Chennai off Karaikal-Nagapattinam coast.Coast guard officials have intensified search operations for the missing aircraft. Four ships from Indian navy and five ships from Coast Guard including Charlie interceptor boats and P8-I aircraft are searching for the missing plane off the coast of Nagapattinam and Karaikal. The Dornier aircraft was inducted into the Indian Coast Gurad last year and was flown by highly experienced crew.


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