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Chiranjeevi’s same energy rocks fans in Khadi No 150

After a prolonged waiting for a suitable story finally Megastar Chiranjeevi’s 150th film `Khaidi No 150’ hit the box office today. He had taken lot of care and made elaborate exercise, keeping in view of his special image in the eyes of his fans. He had gone through several stories. No story succeeded in convincing him. Lastly, he finalised Tamil’s super hit film `Kathi’ as remake.

Now everyone discussing, though it was delayed, is Chiranjeevi’s `re-entry’ is a `super hit’ , meeting expectations of his fans? One has to see the film. Even after 10 years, same energy and aggressive postures in his fights and dances kept his `mark’ alive. He played double role. One role is Shankar, who struggles hard for farmers and another role is Katti Seenu, who commits thefts. As per the story, Katti Seenu while undergoing sentence at Kolkatta jail in the process of helping jail staff to catch hold of one prisoner, who escapes from there. In the process, he himself escapes from the jail.

Later, in his efforts to go to Bangkok, he meets Subba Lakshmi (Kajal) at the airport. He starts love track with her believing she was his child-hood classmate. Later though he realized she was not his classmate, he continues his love track. While talking with Subba Lakshmi, who gave him her phone number, he admits Shankar in the hospital, when he was severely injured while fighting for farmers cause.

Since then, he starts to act in Shankar’s role and continue the story. Then what happens to Shankar? How Katti Seenu continue the story…These questions becomes crucial parts of the film. A big industrialist attempts to grab villagers’ lands for his proposed cool drink factory. Shanker resists him. Since then that turned to be a war between villagers and Corporate Company.

This film centred on the theme that it is not proper to take over cultivating lands for industries, for which waste lands could be utilised. This film has forcefully focused that the media not bothering about farmers issues. The director has tactfully narrated the sensation trends of the media stating that one has to die to catch attention of the media.

This film also exposed indiscriminate land acquisition in the name of industries. It seems original story was diluted keeping in view of Chiranjeevi’s image. Comedy track was also expanded for mass audience. Brahmanandam and Ali’s comedy track is ok. However, villain role became minus to the film as the track seems to be weakened. Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan steps turned super in `Ammadu..let us do..kummudu’ song. The film is a festive to Chiranjeevi’s fans. But for those who views film as a film, it is an average.

Rating.. 2.5/5


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