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Chandrababu’s love on Singapore companies

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu’s love towards Singapore companies has been making him to compromise on value addition to capital city Amaravathi. Officials circles are surprised that focus is now more on business interests of Singapore companies ignoring benefits to capital city.

Even though Amaravati was selected as capital city, till now Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) are not ready for construction of assemlby, secretariat, Raj Bhavan, High Court and buildings for HoD. These buildings have to come up in 900 acres. But till now the site was not finalised.

No one is sure when DPRs and designs will be ready for capital city, which would take atleast six months time. Already crores of rupees have been spent on designs, but those were discarded. Now CRDA officials said to be busy in making designs. Recently union minister of state Sujana Choudary (TDP) stated that the center will consider release of funds after submitting DPRs. Already, the center has released Rs 1,050 crore for capital city.

The state government estimated a cost of Rs 10,500 crore for government buildings in the capital city. The center will release funds only for buildings and basic amenities.

A senior officer deplored that the government showing more interest in handing over 1690 acres to Singapore companies declaring it as startup area, but similar interest is missing with regard to core capital are. Government sources stating that the government is unlikely to focus its attention towards core capital area unless deals with Singapore companies are finalised. But Singapore companies will not take part in core capital area constructions, but focus only on commercial buildings.


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