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Chandrababu hears Pawan, abuses Jagan

Pawan Kalyan heads a political party and Jaganmohan Reddy heads another Party. But, the AP governments hears if Pawan says something and moves towards resolving those issues by allocating necessary funds. Right from Chief Minister Chadnrababu Naidu to ministers adopts same strategy.

It happened several times with regard to issues raised by Pawan. The film star also turn cool for small gestures from the ruling party. For example, when he raised the issue of Mega Aqua Food Park in West Godavari district, immediately Chief Minister directed in a review meeting not to go ahead with the project. Then the film star left the issue.

If Pawan takes an issue, he will not makes follow-up till a logical end. But satisfies with small gesture from the government. When a cadre less party Jana Sena raised kidney problem in the remote places of Srikakulam district, why well organied cadre-based party like TDP, even after returning to power remained silent all these years? Even the party was aware of the problem, why it didn’t responded till Pawan Kalyan takes it up? All these are answer-less questions.

Chandrababu Naidu and his ministers, who positively responds whatever Pawan says, in the case of Jaganmohan Reddy they are responding with abuses only, when Jagan is also an opposition party leader like Pawan, moreover the Leader of the Opposition. If Jagan says something wrong, they may pointed out the same with factual reports. Normally ruling party have to be prepared with all facts to counter any criticism.

But instead of facing criticism with facts, recollecting with earlier scams. Except attempting to make use such allegations for argument sake, the government didn’t making efforts to take suitable action. People cannot close their eyes from observing such discriminate attitude towards Pawan and Jagan. But ultimately it would be disastrous to Pawan only. As he looks like in a `friendly match’, but not playing a serious role.


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