Home Cinema Akhil drove auto to donate earnings to ailing kid

Akhil drove auto to donate earnings to ailing kid

Actor Akkineni Akhil today met one of his ill fan at Khammam. He reached out to a boy suffering with a kidney ailment and he caused flutter in Khammam as he drove around passengers in an auto and donated his earnings from his auto ride to the ill-fated kids family.

Ashwith Reddy who hailed from Khammam is suffering with kidney decease and he had earlier expressed a desire to meet actor Akhil. When Akhil heard about Ashwith’s condition and his desire to meet him, he decided to respond to his fan’s request.

The actor spent an hour with the kid and his family and enquired about his wellness from their family members and doctors. In the past, many actors including NTR, Mahesh and Pawan Kalyan have met their fans who were suffering with major diseases.


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