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Hours after BJP chief Amit Shah left Hyderabad claiming that the Narendra Modi government has provided Rs 1 lakh crore funds to Telangana state during last three years, Telangana state BJP leaders remained calm with out receiving challenged posed by Chief Minister K Chadnrasekhar Rao .

It may be recalled even before Amit Shah left Hyderbad, Chief Minister had posed a challenge that he would resign if the BJP succeeded in giving details of Rs 1 lakh crore funds.  Though BJP is stating that they had provided even more than Rs 1 lakh crore funds, restraining from giving details of such funds.

Instead, state BJP leaders said that they are ready for a debate with Chief Minister on this issue. They asked the Chief Minister to either convene the Assembly for a special debate on the funds released by the Centre to TS, or take part in a debate at any other venue with a non-political person as the moderator. 


BJP state president K. Laxman said, “The CM on Wednesday released data pertaining to Central funds totalling about Rs 67,000 crore. Earlier, in the Assembly he mentioned that Union minister Nitin Gadkari sanctioned Rs 47,000 crore for development of National Highways. Adding the two figures will tell you that the total crosses Rs 1 lakh-crore.”  He said that if the CM was not satisfied with the calculation, he should accept the BJP’s challenge to a public debate. 


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