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US Consulate General says no effect on Indians in US

Donald Mulligan, Consul Chief, US Consulate General said that Indians wouldn’t have any effect on the H1B Visa approvals in near future with the change of the US President or the recent killilngs of Indians in US.

In an interactive session in Vijayawada, suggesting not to arrive at fast conclusion on US administration, he felt it is quite too early to sync with the political aspects of US. Mulligan said. He and Lauren Vine, Vice-Consul of US Consulate General, participated in an interactive session on B1 and B2 visas.

Interacting with the members of AP Chamber of Commerce, Donald Mulligan, Consul Chief, said that ‘America’s first’ move is just like the Indian project ‘Make in India’ and people need not worry about the safety as the opportunities remain unchanged.

He asserted that India is very important to US and both the countries share a very good relationship. “Students coming from India have increased by 30 per cent in 2016 and we are expecting a similar increase in 2017 too. After all, India stands next to China in having the largest number of immigrants in the US. Over 10,000 people apply for US visa in the last three months and majority of them are for B1 & B2 visas,” he added.


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