Home Latest News More than 50 Afghan soldiers killed in Taliban attack

More than 50 Afghan soldiers killed in Taliban attack

In Afghanistan, more than 50 Afghan soldiers have been killed during an ongoing Taliban attack on their base in northern Balkh province today.  According to a US military spokesman the attack lasted several hours but was over by early evening.

A defence ministry spokesman said that a group of suicide attackers manning at least two Afghan national army vehicles managed to pass the first security gate of an army compound in the outskirts of Mazar- e-Sharif”, capital of Balkh province on Friday afternoon.

When they were stopped at the second gate, one of the attackers blew himself up, and the rest entered the base. They went straight to the mosque where ANA soldiers were praying, and opened fire.

Elsewhere on the base, at least one attacker went on a shooting rampage in a dining facility. In a statement the Taliban claimed responsibility for the operation. Meanwhile, the US military in Afghanistan condemned the attack.


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