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Amaravati would be bigger, better than Hyderabad

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu said that the proposed capital city Amaravati would be bigger and better than Hyderabad, the capital of united Andhra Pradesh, in all aspects. Speaking at the India Today Conclave in Chennai, Chandrabau Naidu said that he was focusing on building a world class capital city and developing human resources in the state. It will be Andhra Pradesh model in future, the Chief Minister said.

The Andrha Pradeesh Chief Minister detailing his dream of the new capital city, he said that his priority was development of AP and added he had the opportunity of becoming the prime minister in the past twice but did not opt for it. Ruling out any possibility for him to play active role in national politics, the Chief Ministere asserted that “AP is my priority, people will remember me for the good work”. .

Chandrababu Naidu was also critical of the Congress led-UPA government accusing it of dividing the state of AP in an unscientifically way leaving nothing for AP. The TDP government has been striving to build the state on all fronts. The farmers and people are coming forward to give their lands for building a world class capital city, he said.


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