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20 civilians, 6 terrorists killed in Dhaka

Bangladesh’s worst hostage crisis ended today with heavily-armed commandos storming a restaurant popular with expatriates in the diplomatic enclave of Dhaka and killing six militants who had been holding many people, including foreigners, captive for more than 12 hours.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today said, her government is determined to root out terrorism from the country. She said, 13 hostages including foreigners, women and children were rescued. Six terrorists were killed, while one has been captured alive, she informed while addressing the hostage issue during a function in the capital. Two policemen also lost life in the operation.

20 civilians were killed in the hostage siege. Praising the bravery of the cammandos, she regretted that all the hostages could not be saved. The actual number of hostages killed is not yet known. Ms Hasina said that those who indulged in this cowardly act during the holy Ramadan month could not be called as Muslims. She however said, her government will do everything necessary to prevent such an incident on Bangladesh soil again.

She asked the youth of Bangladesh not to take the wrong path of terrorism, instead focus on the opportunities that the development of Bangladesh can offer them. Both IS and local affiliate of Al Qaeda have claimed responsibility for the crime, however the Prime Minister said her government will find out their identity.


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